Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's been said that in order to undo the damage caused by one negative comment, one must give (insert number here, from 5-10) positive comments. Interesting, you may say, but what about the knitting?
I've decided that in order to justify the purchase of one new pattern and/or yarn for said pattern, I must finish five UFOs first.
My list, if you will:
1. Socks for MIL for Christmas. Yes, I know it's May. Did I mention that the littlest Monkey was born the week before the holiday? 75% done, should be finished tonight.
2. 'Beth' Sweater for the Monkey Princess. One sleeve, plus assembly and the knitted collar edging.
3. 'Dancin' Daisies' sweater, also for the MP. One sleeve remaining, plus assembly and embroidery.
4. 'Sideways Spencer', for me. In need of the button band and the finishing.
5. 'Cascading Leaves Socks' begun on the way to Rhinebeck in October. One down, one to go.

And so you have it. I will not even allow myself to swatch with the Merino Style I have (in the wrong colors, of course, but it's a swatch, people) until my list is done. And that kills me, of course, but I need to get these done before the MP is 15.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The best laid plans

It's been a crazy week around here at Casa de Redhead. The Monkey Bobo has been sick going on two weeks now and I haven't been able to get out to the gym in as much time because I cannot bring him to their childcare program. So we've been going a bit stir crazy with all this rain. Princess has a major book fair at her school with which I've been assisting. Add into that four T ball games and our regular life and stir vigorously.
So, I said to myself yesterday upon seeing that the rain was supposed to recommence today, "Self...set up the wheel tomorrow during nap time as I'm getting a little antsy over all the laceweight I've been seeing spun lately." I still have a ton of fiber from NYS&W to spin up.
And how did I respond to my request, you may ask?

By slamming my index finger in the walk-in cooler at Princess' school while putting cupcakes away. Blood blister, no spinnee for you. I can still knit, but as it's right on the beginning of the knuckle below the pad of my finger drafting would kill. Yes, I already tried.

So today will be spent dreaming up some new projects and finishing up the Gable, perhaps swatching for what's next,not that I know what that is yet.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Triage mode

Little knitting content. I'm knitting the Green Gable of Zephyr Style fame, and I think it will be too big, as I've knit the medium. Pooh. Knitting content over.
I keep reading blogs. I shouldn't. There are so many wonderfully talented knitters out there, that is not to be contested. What kills me is how wonderfully witty, coherent and funny they all are. It's almost like that's me, in my head, but the moment I attempt to write anything it looks like this:

aweuro;uaoweiru;oikawjfgozidfpjjdflvkdxlkfgjp. Uiuodfjgordiufjgotdfjg.
Hee haw, funny.

Perhaps it is my lack of sleep for the past few nights because of the 2 year old Chunky Monkey's fever and subsequent croup. Perhaps it is because I'm getting older. Perhaps it's because I have four children and my brain cells are already cranking at full-tilt. Dunno.

It's been said that contrary to popular belief, women with children actually think more clearly and use more of their brains than they did prior to having their children. I know there are a lot of moms out there who would just say, "Pbbbtttthppptt."