Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing like stating the obvious, Jules

Just heard from my kitchen....the sounds of children playing nicely last.
Enter oldest DD, almost 8. Younger brothers agree to her wish to go in the sprinkler first, rather than use the spray hose to cool each other off.

"You two are the best brothers in the world. In fact, you're my ONLY brothers in the world."
Kind of narrows the competition down, don'tcha think?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bad blogger and a meme

I can't say that I haven't really had the time to blog, but I just have nothing to write about. Not about knitting, at least. I'm spending my time in so many different and wonderful ways, but the knitting has stalled out, for a little while at least.
In the meantime, here's a meme I snagged just because it looked fun.

Your Name: Amy
1. Famous Singer/Band: Herb Alpert.....Aaliyah
1.a. Famous Song: Amie...
2. 4 letter word: Arse....can I say that?
3. Street: Amsterdam
4. Color: almond
5. Gifts/Presents: apple
6. Vehicle: Audi
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: a
8. Boy Name: Andrew
9. Girl Name: Amelia
10. Movie Title: Alien
11. Drink: apple juice?
12. Occupation: astronaut
13. Celebrity: Angelina Jolie (first name) Dan Ackroyd (last name)
14. Magazine: Astronomy
15. U.S. City: Anaheim
16. Pro Sports Teams: A's (Oakland)
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: angst
19. Something You Throw Away: apple peels
20. Things You Shout: AAAARRRRGH!!!!!!!
21. Cartoon Character: Archie