Monday, February 26, 2007

Poor, sweet, neglected Blog

I miss you, I do. I've just been so busy lately. I know, I've been reading other blogs, I know. I know I should have posted, but I didn't know what to say. Yes, I promise I'll make more of an effort this time. Love you too, Bloggy.

How do you people do it? I can't seem to find time for much of anything now that I'm working again. Much of my online time is spent reading other people's blogs, which speaks volumes of my personality, really. I'm trying to spend less time online, more time knitting, in order to rival Mamma's and Lara's finished object lists. How do you women do it? I'm currently working on my Nantucket Jacket, in Karabella Aurora 8, color "Cabernet". It's a very pretty red wine color. I've finished the back, and am halfway done with the right front courtesy of some knitting time during the Academy Awards last night. I was able to stay up until the darn thing was almost over because we have a snow day today. I'll be knitting more today too, as I don't think I'll get out of my pajamas. I have such a long list of wanna-knits in the queue though, so I've been trying to organize my stash (and the rest of my house....not a strong point for me as I'm a bit artsy-abstract) in order to maximize its potential.

On the sinus front: No surgery yet. I've seen an ENT and an allergist who are going to try to fix most of my issues medically first. I'm actually beginning to breathe a bit freer, although I have to go back for allergy testing tomorrow. (I had the original testing last week, but because I had taken an antihistamine a couple of days before, the result wasn't as strong as she had hoped. I'll be stuck again at 9:30, a half hour before I go in to teach) So four meds later, I may have a chance at breathing again. Maybe.

I have no new pictures for you, although I have finished a few things since we last spoke. One pair of socks, totally done, in my favorite Bearfoot ever, Wild Raspberry. It's even more beautiful in person. I actually blocked my pumpkin Shetland Triangle and wore it to school. Love it. I think I may need blocking wires though, as the pinning doesn't do it for me. I'm too much of a perfectionist to deal with the slightly uneven edges. I am done with the back of Michael's Na Craga sweater, and have delayed casting on for the front because of the sheer weight of the project on my weak little wrists. It will get done, dear, I promise. We may just be gray or bald by then.
I saw Heather's Ramblin' Rose cardigan in spice and fell hard. It's so pretty in one color. May have to dive into the stash for that....or wait until I can deplete my stash enough to justify a purchase of yarn in that exact color. It's so beautiful. I went to the store Saturday to purchase Stefanie's new book, but they weren't expecting any in any time soon, so I picked up the copy of KnitScene that has the Central Park Hoodie in it, because of Cara's. I may have to give in and order those Beaverslide cards. Just to look, of course. I also picked up two Karabella patterns, KK183 and KK203 . Perhaps I can find something in there for these. I then went home and promptly ordered Fitted Knits. I've been in love with Stefanie's style for a long time as it appeals to the artist in me, but her construction is so well-laid out and simple, really, that her designs make knitting extra enjoyable. I was (and to some extent, still am) a thrift shop/quirky piece/bohemian dresser when I was in college. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I remember wearing those long flowing skirts before they were cool. I still hang on to a patchwork vest that my seventh grade teacher self doesn't get to wear very often. It has buttons on it that are replicas of Tibetan coins. Love that thing. I'm the kind of girl who has been waiting for legwarmers to come back into acceptable chic as I had many pairs as a younger gal. I'm so looking forward to digging into this book. Of course, my Forecast has been languishing for awhile now. In a vivid peacock blue/teal, it promises to be one of my most flattering colored sweaters. The problem is that I tried to knit the sleeves in the round to save time and I can't get the joins between the needles to look even in the garter stitch. One sleeve knit and needing to be ripped. The up side is that when that baby has sleeves, it's ready for a quick dip and some buttons, which I've already purchased and they're fab!
There's so much I've wanted to tell you blog. I'll call you back later.

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