Monday, November 05, 2007

Don't laugh when you're eating a Butterfingers

Snorting peanut brittle sucks.
Hey y'all (the occasional person who reads this junk). I'm actually knitting a lot more now working full-time than I was when I was home all day. I think that it's that I covet that knitting time so much my speed has improved, really. I'm almost done with the skirt on my Tilted Duster, even though I had to rip the whole thing apart (it was done, save the collar) and re-knit it all. I love this sweater, and I'm really looking forward to wearing it. I have a few other things in the queue, so click on over to Ravelry and add me as a friend. I'll be your friend, I promise.
I'm just not so good with writing.

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