Tuesday, January 04, 2005

From the top-down

I can't believe my little babe is one! The boy had a birthday on Sunday, which he wasn't especially able to enjoy due to the sniffles...aw, don't worry. We're having cake and ice cream with the family on Saturday. It just doesn't seem possible that a whole year could have passed. I remember driving to the hospital (OK~my husband drove) at 1 in the morning praying that I was going to be at least 3 cm so I wouldn't have to pack it up and go home....again. Yes, I have had three children, so you'd think I'd know, but for some reason this time, the third visit was the charm. Babe was born that morning....and now he's almost walking. *Sniff, sniff*
As for the knitting, well, I'm going full bore on this top down raglan. I never made one quite this way before and it's fairly mindless and fun. I dyed the yarn with cherry and grape Kool-aid, and I'm liking the random patterning.
Cast on and knit the first few rows of Belle Epoque the other night. I'm having a difficult time seeing what the crocus bud pattern will become. The Jo Sharp mohair is quite furry, albeit gorgeous, and I'm not getting much stitch definition. I'm trying to figure out whether or not to save it for another project, but I really dread frogging the mohair. Eek. What to do.....
I returned the yarn for the Kyoto KAL...don't even ask me what I was thinking when I ordered it. Move on. I'll find something before say, June. In returning that mess, I thought again about the ChicKnits Ribby Cardi, and so I ordered some Paton's Classic merino in pink and brown. With that, plus swatching for several other projects, I should keep busy. Not to mention I have a birthday cake to construct for Saturday......

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Ciao Amy!

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