Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I've been knitting....and ripping...

...and I've just been too busy to blog. I thought I would have some pictures up of this winter's projects, but it just hasn't happened yet. So, picture with me, if you will, a lovely Silk Garden #213 Klaralund *here* and the beginnings and dribs and drabs of my undulating stash over *here*.
Let's see. I knit about five inches into the back of my Ribby Cardi and realized that I probably should have made the next larger size, so I ripped that out. I cast on and knit the ribbing for the Gansey in the Old Way, from the last IWK, and realized that it was much too stretchy and wasn't going to have that nice, firm rib shape. Ripped that out. Found out that there really is a 10.75 needle for Simply Marilyn. Found out that I didn't have one. Cast on for Libby Baker's Belle Epoque with Jo Sharp Rare Comfort kid mohair....I wanted so desperately for it to work, but alas, even though it knits to gauge, the crocus bud pattern is totally MIA in the fuzziness. Ripped it out. Or should I say that it sits, waiting for me to rip it out, because I'm scared to frog mohair. I think that yarn is destined for something else, and soon, because I love it so much. I am scouting out more yarn for Belle Epoque~I love that pattern and I really want to knit it!
Purchased some laceweight from KnitPicks for some unspecified shawls for several upcoming birthdays....there's quite a few of you, so no one will know exactly who I'm talking about.
Oh yes. I had purchased some Cascade 220 Quattro for a sweater that I really just don't want to knit. Exactly half of that yarn is perfect for an Irish Hiking scarf, so that's what it's destined to be. For me. Perhaps the other half is already earmarked for you.....


Pumpkinmama said...

Oh pretty please post a pic of your Klaralund - mine in #213 got its last sleeve finished last night (I seam this weekend) and I'd love to see its "twin". Hope you find your groove on something and get to stop ripping.

Phoebe Gleeson said...

Thanks for the comment! Gil is, as I'm sure you deduced, 3 and a half months old. He's big!

You said you cloth diaper, do you knit soakers too? I'm really liking knitting the Fern and Faerie pattern that Abby is in on my blog. It's gauge-based so it ws easy to customize fit for my (shudder) three in dipes.

And I wanna see the Klaralund too!