Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nothing new to report

Because we've been sick for three weeks! Yuck! I'm heading off to the doc today to see if I have bronchitis. As an asthmatic, it seems the cold always migrates to my chest. The littlest boy has been quite sick the past two weeks, with an overlap of a few days each to his older siblings. I always manage to pick up everything they have. Not much knitting news, although I ordered some more from so we'll soon see that. I'm hoping that their version of laceweight is sock-able. And did I mention that my Mommy is here? She came all the way up just because she knows how sick I've been and has been such a saint helping me with the wee ones. Yay!

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zibibbo said...

OOOh tis the season to be a sicky! Wishing you and yours a speedy recovery (we'll all have the crud over here too!)