Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Baycation, baybee

Whew. I need it, too. We're off for five days to Whistler, BC for some R&R. My mother in law is staying with the kids....I hope she eats her Wheaties this week.
What to knit? That's still the question of the hour. We're taking a helicopter tour of a glacier and I'm knitting a little cap to wear as it can get cold up there. I think I'll finish before tonight, which again leaves me wondering what to bring. I'm bringing Spencer, for the ride to the resort from the airport, and I've just about settled on the Flower Basket Shawl from the same Fall IK, which saves some book space for some sock yarn and a little pattern or something.
See you Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy -- It's you Knitty Secret Pal. I hope you had a great vacation with your husband. It sounds beautiful up at Whistler. I sent out your June package last Friday, and I hope you enjoy it. I've already started amassing yarn for the final package ... I like what I picked out for you so much, that I may just have to order more for myself too!