Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Green clouds are parting, y'all

Breathe in, breathe out. Not so ick constantly anymore, so I bit the bullet and decided to update. Again, not much knitting content. Hub and I decided to go to NYC last weekend sans kids and he went to the Yanks game (yes, they lost 17-1, ew.) and I trucked it down from Times Square to School Products to check out their marvelous selection of goodies. Cashmere, yes, but I wasn't feeling it as much as I was the baby camel, so I picked up two skeins in charcoal. Just lovely. I also picked up some laceweight yak/merino, again in charcoal. It just called my name. They put out gorgeous knitted, washed samples so you can get a good idea of how your finished products will feel once the spinning oil is removed. Like buttah, let me tell you. Well worth the walk.
The weekend prior I went to
WEBS and purchased a wonderful Lendrum double treadle. So *that's* why Amy's not knitting as much. Aha. Amassing lovely custom yarn for socks and such. Yay! I'm smacking myself for not grabbing up a bag of alpaca fleece when I had the chance. FIL says that the owner of his farm throws away the fleece from their sheep when they're shearing them. Excuse me? You want to give me fleece from your sheep? Why, thank you dear FIL. Fiber for me :)
I also have a little digital camera in my new phone so once I make the hike back to the store to get the adapter I will have pics. Maybe people will read my blog now. I know I want to see goodies when I'm blogging around.

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