Friday, September 30, 2005

I had the best of intentions

Story of my life. I'm just a bad blogger. I've had five total posts since April. Five. Add to that the fact that I have no digital camera and you get the most boring knitting blog that ever surfaced. Pooh on me.
I've had a re-growing interest in resurrecting this thing in the past week or so, so perhaps I'll be back. Like my UFOs, it seems I work in phases (although frogging seems to be my hobby of late rather than knitting, unfortunately). It is quite difficult to knit something in a size 34" when you're packing an extra 30 lbs and your chest is so ginormous that 34" seems more like the half circumference of your burgeoning belly. I notice that there was a Belly Along a year or so ago....I may just be willing to restart that if there are enough takers. Of course by the time I finish a project, I'll be back to a chest measurement of 34".
I'm having a serious case of the knitting blahs. I see things every day that I would *love* to knit, but then I cast on and realize that six inches of stockinette on a size 4 needle is just, well, too much stockinette for me to handle right now. I cast on for three different projects this week, all of which have been relegated to the Pond. And yet, I have two sweaters for the girl that are lacking only a sleeve before they can be called complete. Somebody stop me.
Off to find the next frogging lesson...until tomorrow, mmmwwwwwaaaaah.

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