Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm officially banned

from starting a big new project for myself. At nearly 7 months pregnant, there's no way I'll finish a maternity-type sweater in time, and there's no point sobbing in my cheerios over the fact that I can't fit into one of Jenna Adorno's adorable little patterns. So I'm knitting socks. I'm hoping to have the first pair done by Rhinebeck weekend so I can wear my Birkenstocks with my lovely redwood socks. I can't imagine walking around all day in anything else, considering the amount of weight I've already gained with this little one.

I've also decided on no holiday knitting for this year. There's only a couple of non-blood-relations who appreciate the time and effort I have spent in past years and, well, my due date is December 13th, so I'm just nottagonnadoit. Feels really good to say.

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