Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's been said that in order to undo the damage caused by one negative comment, one must give (insert number here, from 5-10) positive comments. Interesting, you may say, but what about the knitting?
I've decided that in order to justify the purchase of one new pattern and/or yarn for said pattern, I must finish five UFOs first.
My list, if you will:
1. Socks for MIL for Christmas. Yes, I know it's May. Did I mention that the littlest Monkey was born the week before the holiday? 75% done, should be finished tonight.
2. 'Beth' Sweater for the Monkey Princess. One sleeve, plus assembly and the knitted collar edging.
3. 'Dancin' Daisies' sweater, also for the MP. One sleeve remaining, plus assembly and embroidery.
4. 'Sideways Spencer', for me. In need of the button band and the finishing.
5. 'Cascading Leaves Socks' begun on the way to Rhinebeck in October. One down, one to go.

And so you have it. I will not even allow myself to swatch with the Merino Style I have (in the wrong colors, of course, but it's a swatch, people) until my list is done. And that kills me, of course, but I need to get these done before the MP is 15.

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Karen said...

5! Damn, you are tough on yourself! I'd say 2 if it were me. ;)