Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Triage mode

Little knitting content. I'm knitting the Green Gable of Zephyr Style fame, and I think it will be too big, as I've knit the medium. Pooh. Knitting content over.
I keep reading blogs. I shouldn't. There are so many wonderfully talented knitters out there, that is not to be contested. What kills me is how wonderfully witty, coherent and funny they all are. It's almost like that's me, in my head, but the moment I attempt to write anything it looks like this:

aweuro;uaoweiru;oikawjfgozidfpjjdflvkdxlkfgjp. Uiuodfjgordiufjgotdfjg.
Hee haw, funny.

Perhaps it is my lack of sleep for the past few nights because of the 2 year old Chunky Monkey's fever and subsequent croup. Perhaps it is because I'm getting older. Perhaps it's because I have four children and my brain cells are already cranking at full-tilt. Dunno.

It's been said that contrary to popular belief, women with children actually think more clearly and use more of their brains than they did prior to having their children. I know there are a lot of moms out there who would just say, "Pbbbtttthppptt."


Karen said...

Howdy! Nice to hear from you!

Your blogging is just fine. I'm always amazed anyone reads the dribble I write too.

mamma said...

I want to know who says that. Did they do a study, who were their subjects? I'd like to make that an urban myth, that having children makes you smarter. Then people would see me with my gaggle of children and instead of looking at me with pity, they would look with envy "See how many kids she has, she must be a genius!" It could be true, We're all so sleep deprived and still managing to function, maybe we really are functioning on a higher level and are just so sleepy we can't see the difference. It's nice to dream.

Ingrid said...

Hmmmm not sure if I've heard the one about being smarter, but I did have someone ask me if I felt dumber....ah no but exhaustion can sure slow the brain down (I believe they thought they were being funny).

Anyway to me words are like sheep and I have to heard them out of my brain through a narrow gate to get them on the page...have you ever seen sheep dog trials?.