Friday, April 29, 2005


I apologize for no knitting content. I've simply been too nauseous/tired to knit. I've skipped two sit and knits because of it, and I'm hoping it gets better soon.
I ripped out all of the Sideways Spencer after starting and re-starting it five times. Many thanks to Annie Modesitt for clarifying her pattern on her website. This pregnant brain just can't understand more than a stockinette scarf right now, and perhaps even that's pushing it.


bensmumma said...

Awwww Amy I can sympathize, I don't think I was able to knit anything during my first 4 months, and it's really just been the past few weeks that I'm cranking out some fo's! Hope this passes quickly for you! Just remember - the prize at the end!

vgarr said...

Hmm what's my excuse then? I don't know what a stockinnette or whatever it was stitch is at all. I'm not pregnant yet it's beyond me.

Jeanie said...

Hi Amy! I'm new to your blog and found you by doing a google search for the term "Belle Epoque"... ring a bell (or should I say "belle")? Anyway... I absolutely adore this pattern and saw that you were wanting to try it sometime. I'm going to "attempt" it (I'm a fairly new knitter) in Lane Cervinia's Softer as soon as my yarn arrives, which hopefully will be within the next 2 weeks. From your last post, I see that you're not feeling too well these days (oh how I can relate to that!), but if you think you'd like to do a mini Belle Epoque Knit along sometime in the future, let me know. Even though the yarn will be arriving soon, I've got plenty of other UFO's to keep me busy until you're feeling more up to speed, so there's no rush if you're interested.

I hope you're feeling well soon!