Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spring Knitty has Sprung, Y'all

I'm just so excited to report that the new Spring Issue is up!!! Of course, if you're a knitter, you probably already know that. If you didn't, you're probably not a knitter and you don't care :)

I have to make the Via Diagonale bag, and I've only made a few handbags in my lifetime. Compulsion, I tell you. Must...make...Wendy's...bag. Ay.

Now to figure out what winter knits to put on hold while I begin fresh. Ah, spring.

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Renada said...

Winter wasn't long enough this year (spoken like a true knitter, eh?) It didn't snow much or get that cold up here in Minnesota this year. There were so many wonderful patterns too. But wool is not your friend in the summertime heat.