Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

Can I even just tell you how wonderful this beautiful weather makes me feel? Ay!!!!!!
I'm just loving the sun and the kids had a wonderful time yesterday playing outside. Here comes Spring, Hallelujah!
I figured out how to paragraph now, so WATCH OUT!!!! I'm also talking about getting a digital camera so y'all can see I'm not fibbin' when I talk about what's on the needles. OK, so I'm paranoid.
SIL's Tempting is almost done. I *love* that Cashmerino and I wish I had another project waiting in the wings to make from it. I bought some cotton/acrylic blend to make one for myself, in PINK . Aren't you surprised?
Mom and grandma's scarves are coming along well, albeit a bit slowly. I tried to get a few rows in on Mom's as the kids played yesterday, but mohair and fresh spring mud don't mix well, so In The Bag it went. There's always later today.
I've got quite a few project ideas for this spring and summer. Hopefully this will be the first year that I've knit nearly every night all year round, instead of stopping when the weather hits that anti-knitting temperature. Like I said, lots of cotton and plant fiber projects in the works.
I'm so fickle.

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