Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Ain't as Good as I Once Was

That yarn came and it's beautiful, people. THe grass green is lovely, more of an avocado really, and not at all vomitrocious. The Shine is a very pretty purply rose pink, and the Andean Silk in Sangria, well, I had purchased some for my SP awhile back and was craving it for months now. It knits like a dream, but unfortunately, I don't.
Why is it that the simplest of patterns is kicking my hiney right now? Baby Thumbelina's sleeping up to 5 hours at night, so I have no excuse...must be my hormones returning to normal...yeah, that's it. I started the corset and put it aside after frogging it three times because I didn't read the chart. I just kind of set off doing what I thought the chart read, and then realized that I was supposed to repeat row 1 for rows 3 and 5 as well...duh. I then must have missed a YO on row 5 because row 6 was short a stitch, or so I thought. I frogged, reknit, and realized I was counting wrong. Nice.
So. I started the cardigan in alpaca without glitter, here in the Elegance, and it's lovely. Good thing there's a lot of stockinette. It will give my brain time to heal.

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