Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog, Interrupted

It's been a crazy summer, and now Autumn as well. I don't think I stopped much to knit, let alone write about it. I also had the disadvantage of not owning a digital camera, so uploading progress shots was daunting at best, not happenin' at worst. I decided to take a break based on the fact that I had nothing good to report.
But that's all changed.
Hub works for a major auto dealer that happens to reward its employees from time to time and we just spent a lovely weekend in Laguna, CA. We were gifted each night with clever, thoughtful gifts, such as a relaxation basket with Land's End robes and a Jack Johnson CD, a gorgeous painting of our resort by a local artist, and....
a digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just in time for Rhinebeck and everything. Yippee for yay!
SO....I now have no excuse for not updating anything as I can just take the pic and upload it right away. I'm so the opposite of anything technically gifted, so it may take a day for me to get ready, but I'll be there.
I can't imagine that anyone who used to even read me is still around, but if you are, hey. I missed you guys.

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Karen said...

Yay, you're back! See you at Rhinebeck!