Monday, November 28, 2005

I know an old lady who swallowed an octopus

That's how I'm feeling at the moment. 1cm dilated, no more. For those of you not in the know, that's typical for me. Two weeks left.

On a cheerier note, I believe that Mamma has persuaded me to knit this:

By the time this distracted Mama gets it done, I may actually be able to wear it. I've only gained 32 lbs with this babe (as opposed to the 40+ I usually pack on) so perhaps it will be easier to ditch and I'll be back in my jeans- my JEANS!- in a few months' time.

Off to check the stash and oogle yarn...


zibibbo said...

Wow so close!!

Hehe I remember how excited I was once Kiddo dropped and I could almost see my feet again. Here's to an easy delivery (:

mamma said...

ONLY 32 pounds! I had 70+ pregnancies. I gained ten pounds a week in water weight the last two week with my third child. I couldn't leave the house because I couldn't get my shoes on. I was so large and round. I'm feeling your pain. Just thinking about it makes me ache. Here's some labor wishes for you. I've tried every "guaranteed to make labor start" remedy and they don't work. My first two were early and my last one was a week late, so you just never know.
Can't wait to see your cardigan.

Karen said...

What a pretty sweater! I remember just wanting to be done with it. Hope the time you have left goes by fast and is comfortable for you. :)