Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sometime, you just need a good Ballpark Frank

I know I'm losing it when I'm blogging about hot dogs, but oh well. Purchased a package of nitrite-free, filler-free 'dogs from Trader Joes this week, thinking that they'd be healthier and less of a junk food to the kids, and that at least I wouldn't be brining the latest babe (need to think of a good pseudonym for her too, now that I think of it) in chemical soup. Too bad that they tasted as funky as they did. Like I said, sometimes you shouldn't mess with preservative perfection.
I'm searching for the perfect "back-to-my-body" knit. I have about ten things I'd like to start, but then I get frightened that perhaps *this* body is it and that the size S I'd knit would fit around my forearm, and I chicken out.
Off to swatch again...it's about the largest piece I can focus on at one time.

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mamma said...

I hate hot dogs, just the thought of them grosses me out. Unless I'm pregnant. Then I crave them. And I crave them with chili and cheese, or sauerkraut. Or ketchup (another thing I don't eat a lot of normally). So odd the things you do when pregnant. It will all be over soon.