Friday, November 11, 2005

We're getting there

First, Happy Veteran's day to everyone. I'm so thankful for your contribution to the freedom of our country and my personal safety. Words are not enough, but thank you.

Today, I'm starting to feel better. The princess is home from school today, as is the monkey boy. And they're actually getting along...should I say that? Don't want to jinx myself. I actually slept about 1/2 hour longer than I usually do because they were cuddled together reading books this morning. Yay! I have no idea what happened between yesterday and today, but hallelujah.

Second River Rapids sock is almost done. Like if I get off the computer now at 10:05, it should be finished by lunchtime done. I think that I have a second "if I could only knit with one yarn for the rest of my life, I would choose this" yarn, and that is Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The color, the hand, the froggability without showing frogginess, *sigh*. Aurora 8, you're still tops in my book too.

That leads to Hub's socks. I think I may just veg out and knit these in plain stockinette. Boring, I know, but he'd prefer it, and it would get me a quick "kudos" from him, as I've only ever finished one project from him. We have a running joke that he will get a sweater one day. I started one for him while we were dating, and grew to hate LB Woolease and then became a better knitter and my gauge changed, and well, it's just a big basket of frogged goodness now. That's almost ten years of promised sweater angst. I started another sweater for him this fall, but I don't like the yarn for the project, and I'm thinking that my DH's tendency to wear his clothes in a full throttle way might just preclude the use of Paton's Merino. I see a big bark-green pilled mess, and that ain't good, folks. I'm thinking perhaps something in a cotton blend or a superwash may just work better. I'm just not knitting sweaters right now, as I'm sock-addicted.

Off to try to grab a shower while the kids are camping in Monkeyboy's room, and then, sock-love.

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