Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The waiting is the hardest part

Two weeks, 6 days, and some-how-ever-many-hours. Until my due date. Which I always pass. But it would be nice to have a baby on THanksgiving, wouldn't it? My grandfather was born on Thanksgiving and they always teased him that they got two turkeys that year. I'm just not feeling myself lately, I guess. No serious contractions yet, just that "Who the heck is talking out of my mouth?" feeling again. It's like I cannot make normal conversation anymore....sheesh.

Knitting....I'm absolutely addicted to Bearfoot. I went to the LYS this morning and bought two more skeins, one for Mom, one for MIL (neither of whom read this blog, so pbbbttthhhpptt~you'll both be sur-pri-ised!) and I'm trying to figure out which patterns to use. MIL was very gracious this week and stayed for us for three days while DH was in Toronto (just in case, dear. You never know what might happen) and Mom's coming up for two weeks once this little bambina actually gets here. I was thinking Christmas, but I may just give them early if she makes her appearance sooner. I really like a slightly lacey pattern, sans cabling if I can help it for the bulk factor. I must say that my favorite socks of all time (and I've knit five pair so far!) were Sockbug's RIver Rapids Socks. The pattern is easy to memorize (although I changed the number of knit-around rows to 4 instead of 3 as it elongated the pattern. Unlike what Hub says, it wasn't *ahem* a mistake. Cough, cough.
I'm still plugging ahead on Hub's Conwy socks, which are beautiful, but so slow going on the LL and size 1s that I can't seem to really concentrate on what repeat I'm on, etc. When I get motivated I'll break out the notebook and really go to work. But the wooly mohair is calling to be wound into a lovely ball....must...not...keep...for...myself.
Anyone up for a game of guess when this baby's coming?

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Anonymous said...

hi amy, thanks for stopping by knit at nite. i link to your blog on occasion via zibbibo. i had no idea we were local to each other!
to clarify, i live in west hartford, i work in middletown. wesley is one of the 4 schools i'm at. what grade is your daughter in? maybe we'll meet at one of the snbs one of these days. your bio always makes me laugh becuase i could have written the same one for myself. ha.