Thursday, December 08, 2005

AAAARGH...aka "What is wrong with me?"

I've had my butt kicked by a hat. Not just any hat, mind you, but Kate Gilbert's Shining Star hat. Lovely pattern, simple repeats, should be able to kick it out in an evening, no? No.
I've tried every solution (including Emily Oecker's circular beginning, yes) to cast on for a top down hat (did I mention how cute and SIMPLE it is, really?) and I cannot keep the needles straight, or I drop one on the floor and cannot bend over myself to pick it up, or it pulls to one side and looks wonky. Sigh. I suppose I'm going to have to spend nap time figuring the pattern out backwards to bind off at the crown. Which ticks me off because I thought that this hat would be DONE by now, but I'm a knitting loser this week.
I did knit a little skull cap out of some baby alpaca that Lauren sent me during SP4, so I guess her wee baby head won't be cold, but that's not the point. The Shining star is just so much cuter.
Can I have this baby yet?


Anonymous said...

have you looked outside lately? that baby is no dummy, that is just where i would stay too.
hope it's real soon,

bensmumma said...

Hi Amy! Sorry I've been awol - I do think of you! Hope you're feeling well and good luck with your soon to be here baby!


valentina said...

I hear you! Everything I currently do takes ten times longer. And I have 6 weeks to go.

Karen said...

Is there a baby yet? :)