Saturday, December 03, 2005

And I'm still knitting

Not much sleep last night, but no contractions yet either. I'm still here. And yet, I'm feeling "in-a-rut-ish". I have Christmas socks that need knitting, and yet for no good reason whatsoever, I cast on for another Ribby Cardi with the Tree Bark Melange Paton's merino....Hub's sweater yarn. He saw me knitting it and asked, "OOOH~what pattern is that?" and I hunkered down behind my needles, hung my head in shame and said..."it's a woman's sweater pattern." The defeat in his eyes made me take pity on him, and so, I've decided that the Ribby was just a, what-do-you-call-it-now, um, ploy...yes, a total sham devised by me to fool the poor dear into thinking I wasn't Christmas knitting for him this year. I left Ribby on the needles and yesterday afternoon cast on for Lucky, from Knitty's Man Issue. Why didn't I realize that mistake-rib still takes as long as a regular 2X2 rib, what with all the purling and such? Oh well, at least it's mindless, and he has no clue.

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Karen said...

Well then, he will be all the more surprised now won't he? Good ploy! ;)