Monday, December 12, 2005

No baby yet

Thanks for everyone who checked in on me, but nope, still no baby. Went to the hospital on Friday during the snow storm (as most of you know)and I was only dilated a bit past two, so I walked for two hours (even climbed nine stories' worth of stairwells) and my contractions promptly took a break. THIS IS MY FOURTH BABY, UTERUS.....get to going already.
And what's adding insult to injury (injury being getting my membranes stripped this morning. Again.) is that every friend I had due in Nov/Dec/Jan has either already had their baby or will by the end of the week, thanks to the magic of scheduled inductions and sections. I really would prefer to labor and push out a baby, thank-you-very-much but the thought of another c-section when you consider that my child would have been outside of my body for the past week makes me a little misty. And I'm not the crying type. Logically, I know that I've gone into labor spontaneously twice, (had the section with Monkeyboy) but my irrational side wonders if I'll have to call Guinness about a record...either that or my hips will both dislocate.
On a more positive note, I reported knitting a hat to help the baby to realize she needs to get here. I've knit one every night since Thursday, although yesterday's had to be frogged and re-knit, so I have three hats, one UFO which will be frogged again this afternoon and re-knit in another yarn tonight. I was using Suri Merino, which is a lovely yarn (and I may use this for the Cardigan with Glitter, although I haven't swatched with it yet...can you say "incredible drape"?) but not right for a hat with little patterning. I thought I had cast on few enough stitches, but apparently the Suri thinks I'm knitting for a nine year-old. I have to go pick up fundraiser stuff tonight so I may stop over at Fabric Place on the way home. I have a sudden compulsion to knit everyone a Christmas Stocking.

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Karen said...

I thought for sure you were having her after that last email from you. I was actually surprised to see your post today. Hang in there!

Hope you had fun at Fabric Place! Stockings sound fun. You're going to have a wonderful selection of hats too!! ;)