Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ripped and torn

So I ripped out 30 rows of SS last night and managed to actually fo the first increase section the right way. Torn? Yes, I'm torn about whether or not I really want to make the big push to finish before Rhinebeck or take my time and enjoy the finishing of this sweater. Once the body knitting is done, I'll have to block that piece and do the edging, plus the applied I-cord. Not really that big a deal, but the seaming? I'm such a seaming procrastinator. OK, I'm just a procrastinator. Not a very lovely trait, but especially ugly when it comes to churning out FOs.
I'll be going to our local SnB tonight and the current plan is to just crank the thing out and get 'er done.
Off to take the Monkey to school and get yet another blood draw-fun is.

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