Friday, October 14, 2005

Self-Inflicted Disaster, Part One

Didja ever do something that you just *knew* you shouldn't do, but everyone else was doing it, so that made it OK?
While I'm fully aware that this is not the first grade, I went ahead and jumped off the bridge, just like my mother warned me that I would someday do "if everyone else does it too."
I washed my Klaralund in the washing machine.
On gentle.
With a bit of gentle shampoo.
And I waited on it hand and foot, and when it started to spin too fast for my taste, I pulled her out of there.

And I'm not happy.

I guess I should find the good ol' sweater piller (de-piller? Pillerizer?) and go to work, because she's looking a bit bedraggled. Why, oh, why for the love of all that's Noro did I wash her in the washing machine?
Because it worked for everyone else, and I had heard about how the fabric improved, and how the stitches took up some and fit so much better afterward.
Mine's just a big fuzz ball that's misshapen and sad.

And so am I.

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