Monday, October 31, 2005

I haven't slept a wink

I have the Beatles rolling through my head at the moment. Just about all there is in there right now.
Socktober Update:
One finished pair of Retro Rib Socks in Knitpicks' Sock in Redwood. No photographs as the camera would not cooperate that day. I'm still not thrilled with the finished(read:fuzzy) product, but they're soooo soft. Very nice on the feet.
One sock: Sockbug's River Rapids in Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Color, Lupine.
Quite a lovely color, with much more blue than I've ever used before. No pictures of the sock, but I have to say that this pattern is one I'll make again. With the Bearfoot, of course.
I also finished sock one of the Cascading Leaves, shown in the below post.
Bad girl that I am, I cast on for Nancy Bush's Conwy socks in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, colorway Indian Summer. Note to self: Socks on #1s are not as fun as socks on #2s.
And I keep typing 'sicks'. Agh. Probably because we had to take Bobo to the E.R. at 1 am Sunday morning for the croup. Earned himself a shot of epinephrine and a neb treatment. Three kids with croup all in the same week. Here's hoping that the Princess will come home healthy enough tonight for the massive costume parade and candy fest that is Halloween in our neighborhood...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Houston, we have socks

This is the Cascading socks from the Townsend socks KAL on Yahoo. Forgive me for not linking, but I'll come back and fix that later.
Happy day, happy day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Your Post Title here

I'm too tired to think of one. The littlest chunjy monkey has been up before 5 am every morning this week. THen, my phone line went kaflooey sometime between the hours of 3 am and 6 am yesterday. I can't seem to upload any of my sock pictures and I NEED A BREAK from the crazy monkeys. Harumph. Not to mention that I had to rip out *two* socks because they weren't turning out the way I wanted, then had to rip back 2 inches of the Cascading Leaves toe because I (how did I do this again) dropped a stitch in the first toe decrease row and it LADDERED (gasp) back down to the instep. Did that toe twice. This afternoon I spilled my drink (non-alcoholic for you jokesters) all over Hub's Socks that Rock yarn, preventing me from casting on for him....again. Bah.
And to top it off, I have to miss SnB tonight because I volunteered to paint a castle for the Book fair at the Princess' school.

Koigu, take me away.........

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Socks and now more socks

Socktober Update:
I finally finished the Retro Rib Socks, and even got to wear them once already. I have to say I'm quite disappointed with the Knitpicks sock yarn for these, as after one wearing they're fuzzy and the stitch definition isn't great. If I'd have been thinking more clearly I would have saved it for a simple stockinette pair, but they're still a bit too fuzz-ball-ish to wear anywhere other than around the house. Pity.
On to more socks. I joined the Townsend socks KAL over at Yahoo Groups and am almost finished with sock #1 of the Cascading Leaves pattern, in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock something-or-other rose. I *love* this yarn and the pattern was easy enough and repetitive enough for a pregnant woman to start in the car on the way to Rhinebeck. Nice. Now I'm looking for a sock pattern for Hub to make of the Obsidian Socks that Rock that I purchased while in NY...

Monday, October 17, 2005

What every Amy Needs

I had to laugh today.
Via Wendy, just google "Your name here needs" and post the best 10 you find.

10. Amy needs help.
09. Amy needs to touch up her roots.
08. Amy needs a good topic for her film.
07. Amy needs help for life. (I guess I'm getting desperate here!)
06. Amy needs a new pair of shoes. (I like that idea.)
05. Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power.
04. According to doctors, Amy needs to drop about 25 pounds. (This will happen in about two months, according to Amy)
03. Amy needs to come to the office to sign checks.
02. Amy needs some therapy, if you ask me.
01. Similarly, at the very least, Amy needs to be in "time out."


Friday, October 14, 2005

Self-Inflicted Disaster, Part One

Didja ever do something that you just *knew* you shouldn't do, but everyone else was doing it, so that made it OK?
While I'm fully aware that this is not the first grade, I went ahead and jumped off the bridge, just like my mother warned me that I would someday do "if everyone else does it too."
I washed my Klaralund in the washing machine.
On gentle.
With a bit of gentle shampoo.
And I waited on it hand and foot, and when it started to spin too fast for my taste, I pulled her out of there.

And I'm not happy.

I guess I should find the good ol' sweater piller (de-piller? Pillerizer?) and go to work, because she's looking a bit bedraggled. Why, oh, why for the love of all that's Noro did I wash her in the washing machine?
Because it worked for everyone else, and I had heard about how the fabric improved, and how the stitches took up some and fit so much better afterward.
Mine's just a big fuzz ball that's misshapen and sad.

And so am I.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Spencer and SnB

First, the main body of Spencer is done, minus blocking. Have to run downstairs and grab the tape measure because I'm going to have to beat this thing into submission to get it to the measurements, I think. My gauge swatch was right on, and everything measured correctly as I was knitting, so I'm praying and crossing my fingers that it's the stretchy boing-iness of this yarn (Aurora 8) that is making me doubt myself. Maybe I'm just chunkier.
SnB last night was quite fun. I haven't been since they started meeting on Wed. nights, but it was the break and night out I really needed. I got a lot done and met Chris, Karen, Karen, Kathleen, and Audrey's friend, Pat, I believe. Seems like a great group.
Anyway, Spencer. I didn't really want to wet block it because that seriously cuts into my finishing time, but I'm beginning to think that I don't have a choice. I'll let ya know.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ripped and torn

So I ripped out 30 rows of SS last night and managed to actually fo the first increase section the right way. Torn? Yes, I'm torn about whether or not I really want to make the big push to finish before Rhinebeck or take my time and enjoy the finishing of this sweater. Once the body knitting is done, I'll have to block that piece and do the edging, plus the applied I-cord. Not really that big a deal, but the seaming? I'm such a seaming procrastinator. OK, I'm just a procrastinator. Not a very lovely trait, but especially ugly when it comes to churning out FOs.
I'll be going to our local SnB tonight and the current plan is to just crank the thing out and get 'er done.
Off to take the Monkey to school and get yet another blood draw-fun is.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A different kind of sweater curse

Ever feel like the piece you've been working on *forever* has a mind and soul of its own, and that it just HATES you? I mean, I know that needles can feel that way (see this post about Boyd via Neglecting My Kids) but a sweater? Come on.
Today, however, I've been convinced. Bonne Marie wrote about having to frog Spencer after realizing that the cables in the front didn't match. Not only did I read her complete notes prior to casting on last Spring, but I made the same mistake. Duh. The problem is that I had already started the right sleeve by the time I even LOOKED to see if I had committed that error. Oh well, not *that* big a deal, right?
I then read the instructions to "Decrease one stitch at each end of needle every other row 6 times) as "Decrease one stitch at end of needle every other row" and instead of stopping, kept right on knitting, even though it didn't look possible that this sleeve was made to go along with the first. Think Abbott and Costello, folks.
And I thought that I could just match that baby up, block her out and finish her in time for this weekend. Hah.

More fun on size 1s...dpns that is.

It's Socktober!
I can't figure out which sock I want to knit...but I'm thinking it just may be Kristi's Spearfish sock, in the Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Columbus Day, y'all.

I'm sure I'll be making something lovely and Italian for dinner tonight, just for the holiday, you know.
Her Royal Highness and the Monkeyboy have the day off from school, so we took a little fieldy trip to Fabric Place to return some yarn and pick up some size 11 dpns for a very lovely gifty that Wendy sent to me this morning. I also picked up some Cascade 220 on sale (it's 2/$10 right now, yay) and got some fabric for a project for HRH's school.
It's a rainy day, and we're to have a full week of this to follow. SHould be exciting when the CT river overflows on Wednesday. Doomsdayers, beware.
Will try to get some knitting done this afternoon when the Bug and Monkey are napping.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

One down

I'm knitting socks, as I mentioned. Retro Rib Socks, by Evelyn Clark, to be more precise. I've started many socks in the past, just to chicken out about heel-way through, but I'm done with half of this pair, kitchener stitch and all. I don't know what the big deal is about kitchener stitch~it's so logical and really easy. Freaked myself out over nothing. I can't wait to finish this next one so I can wear them. Ok, I really just want to start the next pair, which I think will be Amble from the Six Sox along. I purchased two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn's Supersock in Old Rose and Indian Summer, and I'm just waiting to use them...yum. I must say though, I've never had more difficulty in winding a skein than I did yesterday afternoon...the skeins looked great prior to trying to wind but they were really quite tangly and I ended up having to roll the other end into a ball and weave it back through to untangle and finally, yes, wind. Maybe it's just me.
Rain here all week long, so hopefully we'll have some extra cozy knitting time.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm officially banned

from starting a big new project for myself. At nearly 7 months pregnant, there's no way I'll finish a maternity-type sweater in time, and there's no point sobbing in my cheerios over the fact that I can't fit into one of Jenna Adorno's adorable little patterns. So I'm knitting socks. I'm hoping to have the first pair done by Rhinebeck weekend so I can wear my Birkenstocks with my lovely redwood socks. I can't imagine walking around all day in anything else, considering the amount of weight I've already gained with this little one.

I've also decided on no holiday knitting for this year. There's only a couple of non-blood-relations who appreciate the time and effort I have spent in past years and, well, my due date is December 13th, so I'm just nottagonnadoit. Feels really good to say.